3D Printing Stories | Oticon Hearing Aids Design

Blueprinter visited Lars Lund Jorgensen, who is a Toolmaker at Oticon A/S, a hearing aid maker.

Full Transcript

“We produce hearing aids here at Oticon,
We make between 5,000 and 10,000 in total at the prototype centre.
All of our scale models are created by the Blueprinter
It is a long process to create a hearing aid, it usually starts as a good idea, which some designers look at and they bring forward some suggestions.
From there, we further evolve it in the development department and then we begin to generate files and parts and then we stat the rest of the process.
We need it during the development process to illustrate where we are and physically be able to sit with the model and the different parts. it gives us such a head start opposed to only having the things on a cad model.

It makes sense here at Oticon to be able to have our objects close at hand
It speeds up some of the processes which in the past has taken a long time
Because we were waiting for a new design and this could take a very long time
But this has been optimised, because we are able to print the model very quickly.
And therefore continue the development process
We deliver twice as fast as opposed to ordering the prints externally
There you go; here is a scale model of a hearing aid
It’s a great advantage throughout the entire development process because we get these super models, which we need in order to continue the development and get to the next step
This is empowered by the Blueprinter

Blueprinter gives us three direct advantages

It’s cheap
It’s extremely fast
And the printer delivers high quality parts