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Making Accurate 3D Models has never been so straightforward

Artec Studio features Autopilot,

an advanced smart mode which guides users through 3D scanning and data processing in a few easy steps.
Answer some simple questions about the object you have scanned and Artec’s advanced 3D imaging software will select the most effective 3D algorithms for your data and will develop a high precision model ready for use in your professional application.

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    Key Features


    High precision

    Whether you choose Autopilot for ease-of-use or manual mode for full control and flexibility, Artec Studio never compromises on precision. The software provides you with all the tools you need for achieving high accuracy.


    Time-saving quality control

    Fast measurements and mesh to CAD analysis right in Artec Studio. Fully compatible with Geomagic Control X for advanced inspection.



    Accelerate your engineering by fitting primitives to your 3D model and precisely positioning it. Export STEP files direct to SOLIDWORKS, or complex meshes to Design X or Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS.


    The colors you seek

    Use Artec Studio’s host of advanced automatic tools, including enhanced color reproduction and Auto Glare Removal to create vivid color 3D models ready for CGI and 3D printing.

    HD Mode

    HD Mode

    Artec Studio’s AI neural network delivers astonishing, high-resolution scans via HD Mode for users scanning with Eva or Leo.

    Huge Data

    Create and process huge datasets

    Imagine a software so powerful you can work with datasets of up to 500 million polygons. Artec Studio is perfect for scanning large objects and for making 3D models in maximum resolution.

    Export your model to the industry’s best
    reverse engineering and 3D modeling software

    solidworks geomagic autodesk blender zbrush

    Hassle-free export into a wide range of formats

    CAD: STEP, IGES, X_T  Measurements: CSV, DXF, XML
    Mesh: OBJ, PLY, WRL, STL, AOP, ASC, Disney PTEX, E57, XYZRGB  Point cloud: BTX, PTX

    Easy 3D scanning in Artec Studio

    Powerful 3D imaging software is critical to a smooth scanning experience. It quite literally controls how the scanner captures data and with what level of precision. Artec Studio features the most advanced 3D data algorithms which give you high precision in your results, while at the same time make 3D scanning intuitive and user-friendly.

    It’s very simple to scan in Artec Studio thanks to the new 3D Radar mode. Artec Studio will show you that you are holding the scanner at the optimal distance by visualizing the real-time 3D data in green. Move the scanner a little too close and the image will turn red, a little too far back and it will turn blue. Keep the data capture green to be sure you are getting the best results.

    Powerful algorithms for fast, intuitive scanning

    • No need prepare your object in advance, just point the 3D scanner and shoot.
    • Best in class texture and geometry tracking algorithms for the quickest and smoothest scanning experience.
    • Auto-continue allows you to stop scanning and then instantly pick up where you left off.
    • New algorithms for scanning black, shiny or fine objects with ease.
    • Smart base removal automatically eliminates the base on which your object is standing, even if that surface is curved, and deletes everything below this section. This leaves you with just the data you need, without having to edit it out.


    Even new users can 3D scan black, shiny or fine areas

    Artec Studio 15 analyzes the surface of your object and automatically adjusts the sensitivity of your scanner to pick up even tricky areas for 3D scanning. As a result, even new users can digitize black, shiny objects or hair with ease!

    Scan on a Mac

    In addition to installing Artec Studio via Bootcamp, Mac users can also make high quality, accurate scans using our free ScanApp standalone application. Both new and experienced users will appreciate the easy way to scan, as well as the clean, ergonomic interface. Users can perform basic model processing in ScanApp and then export the results for more extensive processing in Artec Studio on a Windows PC or their Mac via Bootcamp.

    Turning your scan data into a 3D model

    The processing workflow explained.

    Fast, Automated Post-Processing

    Whether you are new to 3D scanning and require step-by-step guidance in 3D data processing, or are an experienced user looking to speed up your workflow, Artec Studio’s breakthrough automated processing features set a new horizon in 3D scanning.

    Autopilot mode: no compromise precision

    Using the AS Autopilot, run through 4 easy steps to an accurate, watertight model.

    Automatically applies the optimal post-processing algorithms for your object in order to achieve the best possible result.

    Full post-processing timeline, totally automatic.

    Perfect for beginners, a great time saver for advanced users.

    STEP 1

    Answer a few simple questions about your object and the type of 3D model you need.

    STEP 2

    Delete any unwanted scanned data.

    STEP 3

    Auto align your data in one click.

    STEP 4

    Autopilot applies the best processing algorithms to your data.


    A high precision 3D model.

    Manual mode

    Controlled, flexible processing at breathtaking speed

    Artec Studio also features a full range of tools for you to process your 3D model manually, giving you full control over your data. Included are many features which streamline your workflow, making it even faster to achieve the results you need.

    Smart Base Removal

    Automatically delete the base your object was scanned on. No need to manually erase that table, stand, or floor!

    Fast, accurate scan alignment

    Auto-align for quick, easy processing. Now 95% of objects can be auto-aligned with total accuracy at the click of a button.

    Process in seconds

    Save minutes on processing small objects, hours on larger projects!

    Apply texture at lightning speed

    Add high-quality texture to your model in no time!

    Simplify your mesh in a flash

    Optimize the size of your final file by reducing the number of polygons from millions to thousands while maintaining the high quality of the mesh.

    Edit your 3D model

    just how you want to

    Smart geometry editing

    Touch up the geometry in a few quick clicks with Artec Studio’s intuitive editing tools.

    Rapid, automatized and precise texture editing

    Use Artec Studio’s advanced algorithms to automatically map texture where data is missing.

    Organically patch and seal up any holes with Bridges

    Artec Studio’s Bridges feature uses your scan’s existing geometry to repair holes by creating custom surfaces.

    Inspect your 3D model

    Load SOLIDWORKS models and other CAD files for direct comparison with your mesh

    For a faster, more streamlined workflow, import STEP, IGES, or X_T CAD files and align your scan to a CAD model without having to leave Artec Studio.

    Fast surface distance map

    Carry out quick surface distance map comparisons and accurate measurements of any 3D model you create. Add annotations, take a screenshot of your results, or export to CSV.

    Primitives for accurate measurements

    Fit spheres, cones, planes, and cylinders to your mesh and use these mathematical shapes for taking highly accurate measurements. For example, measure the deviation from a plane or fitted cylinder.

    Advanced quality control

    While essential tasks can be taken care of within Artec Studio, more complex inspection processes and tools required are within easy reach too. You’ll just need to export your data to any full package inspection software, such as Geomagic Control X.

    Reverse engineer your 3D model

    Correctly position your model and use primitives to extract key geometrical data

    Speed up your workflow by performing basic reverse engineering operations right in Artec Studio. Scan a simple part and use primitives to save key geometrical data in CAD format for immediate use in SOLIDWORKS or other CAD software.

    Primitives for reverse engineering

    Whether you’re designing customized packaging, re-engineering wheel wells to fit high-performance wheels, or devising a new circuit board, CAD primitives can kick-start your workflow. Now, you can do this within Artec Studio, saving you lots of time and effort.

    Precise positioning for CAD

    Streamline your workflow by positioning your 3D model according to the world coordinate system right in Artec Studio. Export the primitives fitted to your correctly positioned mesh as STEP, IGES, or .x_t CAD formats and your data is ready for engineering in SOLIDWORKS or other CAD software.


    Use primitives to create multiple precise sections and export to CAD. Fast and easy.

    Full-featured reverse engineering

    With AS15, you’re already sorted for reverse engineering simpler parts. For more complex objects, with just one click you can send the mesh directly into Geomagic for SOLIDWORKS or Design X for advanced reverse engineering.

    What else do I need to know about Artec Studio?

    Full-featured GUI

    • Artec’s 3D scanning software comes with a full-featured interface that allows you to manipulate your scans.
    • Projects and built-in Undo/Redo
    • 3D editing tools (Eraser, Smoothing Brush, transformation tools)
    • Advanced 3D processing algorithms, including: auto-align, hole filling, mesh smoothing, filtration, edge smoothing and much more

    Want To Know More?

    Our team of 3D Design professionals are just an email or a phone call away.

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    7A Kent St,
    Yarraville, VIC 3013

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