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3rd generation industrial 3D printer for high-tech manufacturing

Advanced thermal management enabling efficient work with high-performance polymers is what 3rd gen 3D printers are all about, according to industry thought leaders. Temperature of filaments in Zortrax Endureal LPD Plus 3D printer is tightly controlled at each stage of processing to achieve utmost precision and best possible mechanical properties of 3D printed parts.

High-temperature extruder

An advanced extruder can work at sustained high temperatures to support processing CFR filaments, PEEK or other demanding polymers.

Heated printing chamber

Temperature in the printing chamber can be precisely chosen to achieve best mechanical properties in high-temperature materials.

Heated build-platform

A build-platform can support temperatures adequate for high-performance polymers.

Advanced thermal shielding

Thermally shielded extruder’s compartment is always kept at low temperatures to ensure uninterrupted filament transmission.

Heated filaments’ compartment

Filaments are stored in a closed compartment at optimal temperature and humidity.

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    Industrial safety systems

    Zortrax Endureal has 17 built-in sensors working in real-time to guarantee seamless operation in high-tech manufacturing and product development projects.

    Blackout Response System

    When a power outage is detected, Endureal uses the energy stored in built-in capacitors to save the exact position of the printing head. This way printing can be resumed from the same spot when the power is back on.

    Monitored printing progress

    Printing progress can be monitored remotely with a camera installed in the Endureal’s printing chamber. The camera is capable of live video streaming and designed to work in high-temperature operating conditions.

    Advanced filament sensors

    Separate sensors work at all times to detect events when filament is jammed or depleted. The printer also monitors the weight of the filament spools to determine if there is enough material to complete the printing process.

    Controlled filament’s compartment

    Filaments are stored in a closed environment at optimal temperature. A built-in moisture absorber is responsible for reducing humidity to levels appropriate for highly hydrophilic materials.

    Industrial build-volume

    Height (Z) Width (X) Depth (Y)
    300 mm 400 mm 300 mm
    11.8 in 15.7 in 11.8 in

    Performance under control

    • Temperature sensors constantly measure temperature of crucial components to prevent overheating.
    • Capacitive sensors measure build platform and nozzles’ relative position to ensure calibration is on point.
    • Optical sensors working with no mechanical parts ensure precise extruder’s positioning in all axes.
    • Fan stop sensors immediately detect when fans are disconnected or malfunctioning to ensure adequate cooling.
    • Extruder sensors detect a disconnection or failure in the extruder to ensure seamless operation.


    Industrial dual-extrusion

    Endureal has an advanced dual-extrusion system capable of printing high-temperature filaments with soluble support structures. The extruder components and filament cables are thermally shielded from the build chamber by an elastic insulator with pore size smaller than the mean free path of air particles to achieve lowest possible thermal conductivity.

    Designed for processing challenging materials like PEEK or CFR filaments, Endureal can also work with a wide range of cost-effective filaments like Z-ULTRAT Plus, Z-NYLON, or Z-PCABS. The printer supports both single and dual-extrusion modes.

    Heated aluminum build-platform

    Endureal has an aluminum build platform that can heat up to temperatures enabling processing of high-performance polymers. Easily switchable build plate made of ferritic steel covered with a PEI film is attached to the build platform to ensure proper adhesion of all supported filaments. Switchable build-plates are fairly elastic to make model removal easier and faster which is important in high-volume production.


    Integrated prototyping

    Wide range of materials supported by Zortrax Endureal makes it possible to go from early low-cost prototypes to the final high-performing part using one manufacturing device.

    Step 1: Initial design

    A high-performing part is designed in CAD software.

    Step 2: Concept models

    Concept models are printed with low-cost materials.

    Step 3: Preliminary evaluation

    Concept models are used for preliminary evaluation.

    Step 4: Design adjustments

    The part’s design is adjusted based on the evaluation results.

    Step 5: Final part fabrication

    Final part is printed with a high-performance, target material.

    Step 6: Post-processing

    Post-processing techniques like annealing are applied to achieve target properties of the material.

    Easy to implement and run

    Being a full-fledged industrial machine, Endureal can be implemented as easily as Zortrax desktop-class 3D devices. Intuitive user interface and software with carefully tuned settings predefined for each dedicated filament make Endureal ready to work at full capacity from day one. The ease of implementation extends further into running the printer due to business continuity kit containing everything necessary for fast and efficient in-house maintenance.


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