The Coherent CREATOR 3D metal printer delivers unmatched ease-of-use, economy, and speed for fabricating prototype and short production run components. Priced dramatically lower than traditional 3D metal printing machines, this system can rapidly create parts from a wide range of powdered metal alloys such as stainless steel, titanium, aluminum, cobalt-chrome, brass, and bronze.


  • Dental and Medical
  • Jewelry
  • Aerospace
  • Engineering
  • Education

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Features & Benefits

  • Portable controller provides the most intuitive graphical user interface running on a tablet
  • Powder reservoir can contain almost double the powder quantity
  • Maximum productivity by a unique circular coater design
  • Simple and precise positioning of the building platform due to the zero-point clamping system
  • Integrated filter system cleans the oxygen-free atmosphere within the construction chamber
  • 250 W laser power source provided with built-in tuning

3D Metal Printing and CREATOR

Learn more about the vision and idea behind the development of the ORLAS CREATOR. Convince yourself of the technological ideas behind the innovative powder-bed based 3D metal printer. Get to know the diverse fields of application for your business, and be inspired by our vision for the future.

3D Metal Printer for Precision Components

The Coherent CREATOR 3D metal printer provides all the advantages of laser additive manufacturing. The system can easily and quickly produce parts in almost every conceivable geometric configuration, even those which are unobtainable using traditional manufacturing techniques – and all without the need for additional tooling.

The system utilizes a construction chamber with an innovative coating concept enabling accelerated and smooth operation resulting in 30% faster manufacturing speed compared to other systems on the market.

At the heart of the system is a 250 W fiber laser with high beam quality and excellent performance stability. This delivers consistent process conditions and facilitates the production of parts at high spatial resolution and with high component density.

In addition, CREATOR works directly from your CAD files, and using its own internal 3D printing module integrates with the supplied APP SUITE CAD/CAM software.

CREATOR offers an unmatched combination of speed, part quality, economy, and ease-of-use. It’s a stand-alone system that can easily be integrated into a wide variety of environments, and used by designers, engineers, and production-line personnel.

One 3D printer – infinite possibilities

There are no limits to your creativity

Diverse Materials

Stainless steel, tool steel, cobalt chrome, aluminum*, nickel based alloys, titanium*, precious metals.

Maximum Efficiency

Shorter printing duration due to the innovative circular coating method.

Wireless Controller

View and monitor the progress of your creation wherever you are – on the latest tablet technology.

Cloud Manufacturing

Active monitoring of key process parameters on multiple machines from any location.


Creator Creator RA
Laser Power Type Yb: Fiber 250 W
Laser Wavelength (nm) 1070
Building Platform/Volume (diameter x height) 100 mm x 110 mm (3.9 x 4.3 in.)
Reservoir Volume 110 mm x 200 mm (4.3 x 7.9 in.)
Material Deposition Scraper
Repeatability (± µm)
Minimum Feature Size (µm)
Typical Accuracy (µm) 40
Ready-to-run Materials with Developed Print Parameters Stainless Steel 17-4 PH;
CoCr Bronze CuSn8
Titanium Ti6Al4V;
Non-Reactive Materials
Extraction Unit Non-Reactive Materials Reactive and Non-Reactive Materials
Space Requirements
Dimensions 717 mm x 858 mm x 1794 mm (28.2 x 33.8 x 70.6 in.)
Weight 470 kg (1036.2 lb) 400 kg (881.8 lb)
Facility Requirements
Electrical Requirements 110 V to 230 V/1 Ph/50 Hz/16 A 230 V/1 Ph/50 Hz/16 A
Compressed Air Requirements No
Gas Requirements Nitrogen/Argon
Cooling Air
Control System and Software
Software Tools APP SUITE™
Control Software CREATOR Controller
Operating System Microsoft Windows
Input Data File Formats STL, STEP, IGES, Object
Network Type and Protocol Ethernet
Recycling System Optional
Material Loading Manual

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Factory 31, 91 Moreland Street,
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    The Coherent CREATOR 3D metal printer delivers unmatched...
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