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Unlock Peak Performance

Form Cure is finely tuned to bring parts to their maximum mechanical properties.


An advanced heating system precisely controls curing temperatures up to 80° C


13 multi-directional LEDs emit the optimal wavelength of light for curing Formlabs materials


A rotating turntable provides uniform exposure during post-curing

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Once the chamber is heated, 13 LEDs
trigger the post-curing reaction
bringing parts to their maximum
mechanical properties.

Designed to Maximize Material Properties

For Standard Resins, simply use Form Cure’s default time and temperature. For all other materials, use unique recommended settings for optimum performance.


Reliable, Professional Post-Curing

Once time is up, parts are fully cured and ready for peak performance.
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Formlabs Form Cure
Dimensions26.2 x 26.2 x 34.0 cm
10.3 x 10.3 x 13.4 in
Height when open: 64 cm (25.2 in)
Weight5.6 kg
12.4 lbs
Turntable Diameter19.3 cm
7.6 in
Maximum Part Height18.5 cm (7.28 in)
Operating TemperatureSuggested 18—28 °C
Suggested 64—82 °F
Temperature ControlSelf-heating Resin Tank
Maximum Cure Chamber Temperature80 °C
176 °F
Light Source13 multi-directional LEDs
LED Power39 W
LED Radiant Power9.1 W
LED Wavelength405 nm
Power Requirements90–240 V
6.0 A 50/60 Hz
144 W

  1. Cover. Double walls insulate the cure chamber and internal surfaces reflect light.
  2. Heater. 100 W heating module can heat the chamber up to 176 °F / 80 °C.
  3. LEDs. An array of thirteen (13) 405 nm LEDs help to post-cure parts. Secondary lights illuminate the turntable when the cover is open and during heating.
  4. Turntable. Rotating plate ensures balanced post-curing across all exposed surfaces.
  5. Display. Shows status, time, temperature, and options for configuring Form Cure.
  6. Knob. Turn or push to adjust time and temperature settings and to start, pause, or stop post-curing.
  7. Power Supply. Provides power to Form Cure. Specifications: 24 V, 6 A

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