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Artec Ray 3D Scanner

Artec Ray 3D Scanner

High accuracy long-range laser 3D scanner, ideal for precise capture of large objects.

The Artec Ray 3D Scanner is the fastest and most accurate long-range 3D scanner with laser technology for precise capture of large objects such as wind turbines, ship propellers, airplanes and buildings. Producing 3D scans of the highest quality, Artec Ray scans with submillimeter distance precision and best in class angular accuracy. As a result, data capture is noticeably cleaner than that from other 3D laser scanners, with noise levels at an absolute minimum. This speeds up post-processing significantly, making it a hassle free job.

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    Ultra-high precision, fast laser 3D scanner with submillimeter precision to ensure you capture every detail

    Cleanest 3D data capture for minimum post-processing time

    Ideal for reverse engineering, inspection and construction. Scan large objects both indoors and outdoors!

    Easy 3D scanning

    Lightweight and user-friendly, Artec Ray was especially designed to ensure you get the most out of this powerful 3D laser scanner, whether it is getting the 3D measurements for quality control of a large industrial object or creating an accurate 3D model for heritage preservation. With no need for any lengthy preparations, you can 3D scan almost anything by simply mounting your Artec Ray on a tripod in front of your object and pressing a button!

    Accessible and convenient 3D data capture

    Portable and compact, this versatile long-range LIDAR solution is the latest in 3D laser scanning. An inbuilt battery lets you scan both indoors and outdoors for up to 4 hours, without a need for a power source nearby, making this a perfect solution for onsite 3D scanning.

    Advanced software compatibility

    3D scan and process data directly in the powerful Artec Studio software with a wide range of comprehensive tools available, then seamlessly export to Geomagic Design X at the touch of a button to make the most out of your 3D laser scanning experience.

    Control Artec Ray 3D scanner with your phone or tablet

    Using the Artec Remote app, you can easily scan all angles of a large object without being tethered to a computer. The scanning process can be controlled by any mobile device or tablet via WiFi. The Artec Remote is available for iOS and Android.

    The full 3D scanning package

    Pair Artec Ray with an Artec handheld 3D scanner, such as Eva or Spider, to effortlessly capture difficult to reach areas, e.g. the interior of a car, or to add intricate detail to a large-scale 3D model. The smart combination of Ray’s long-range 3D scanning capabilities along with the convenience and precision of all of Artec’s handheld 3D scanners ensures limitless 3D scanning potential.

    Artec 3D scanners & applications

    Customizing, innovating and streamlining a wide range of different industries

    Reverse engineering

    • Product design
    • Customisation
    • 3D documentation

    Industrial design and manufacturing

    • Reverse engineering
    • Quality control
    • Rapid prototyping
    • Aerospace


    • Orthopedics
    • Prosthetics
    • Plastic surgery
    • Custom wheelchairs

    Science and education

    • Research
    • Training
    • Online museums

    Art and design

    • Heritage preservation
    • Architecture
    • CGI
    • Fashion


    High Quality Mode High Sensitivity Mode
    Recommended Work Range 1-50 m 1-110 m
    Ambiguity range 180 m 180 m
    Ranging error 0.7 mm @ 15 m <0.9 mm @ 15 m
    Angular accuracy 25 arcsecs 25 arcsecs
    Range noise, 90% reflectivity 0.12 mm @ 15 m 0.25 mm @ 15 m
    Range noise, 10% reflectivity 0.3 mm @ 15 m 0.7 mm @ 15 m
    Speed (points/second) 208,000 pts/sec
    Scanning modes Autonomous or via USB
    Colour Two fully integrated 5 megapixel cameras


    Field-of-view per scan

    Horizontal (maximum) 360°
    Vertical (maximum) 270°

    Key specs

    Range Up to 110 m
    Ranging error <0.7 mm @ 15 m
    Angular accuracy 25 arcseconds
    Range noise, 90% reflectivity 0.12 mm @ 15 m
    Range noise, 10% reflectivity 0.3 mm @ 15 m
    Colour Two fully integrated 5 megapixel cameras

    System specifications

    Scanner Type Phase Shift, Hemispherical Scanner with 360° x 270° field of view
    Distance Measurement Method Phase-shift
    Laser Wavelength 1550 nm
    Laser Type Continuous Wave
    Laser Class: (IEC EN60825-1:2007) Class 1
    Internal Coordinate Representation Unit 0.001 mm

    Angular position data

    Beam diameter at Aperture 3 mm
    Internal Angular Representation Unit (vertical / horizontal) 1 arcsec

    Scan density control: software selectable

    Min. Vertical Point Density 12 points/degree
    Min. Horizontal Point Density 2 points/degree
    Max Vertical Point Density 80 points/degree
    Max Horizontal Point Density 80 points/degree

    Physical dimensions and weight

    Weight with battery 5.74 kg
    Dimensions L x H xW 287 mm x 200 mm x 118 mm

    Power specifications

    External power supply voltage 14 – 24V DC, 30 W
    Internal battery power supply Two Li-Ion 14V, 49Wh batteries, powers the scanner for up to 4 hours.
    Power consumption 30 W

    Computer requirements

    Supported OS Windows 7, 8 or 10 – x64
    Minimum computer requirements i5 or i7 recommended, 32 Gb RAM, NVIDIA GeForce 400 series

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