Mephisto Gotcha

“Gotcha is a low cost 3D scanner set-up based on the popular Primesense technology. Working with their own bespoke algorithms (not just the standard kinect fusion) 4DDynamics have done what they do best and squeezed the very best resolution and quality out of this small low cost system. If you are looking to try out 3D scanning or want a low cost scanner to scan parts or faces for 3D printing then this is great place to start.

Gotcha uses a Primesense sensor such as Kinect, Asus Xtion Pro Live or the Primesense Carmine 1.09 to 3D scan objects or people. The system comes complete with 3D scanning hardware, 3D scanning capture and processing software.

Manufacturer’s Description

Gotcha 3D scanner

Primesense based 3Dscanner.
Integrated with our Process software it is an easy and inexpensive way to get started with 3D scanning at a very nice resolution. It is NOT based on a microsoft kinect fusion paper but entirely home-developed making it another gem to our in-house technologies.

Whether you are experimenting, looking into purchasing a professional handheld scanner or simply want to scan for fun/hobby, this is the route to take.

3D Scanner Price

Gotcha is an extremely low cost 3D scanner set-up opening 3D scanning up to a much wider audience, as it has a very favourable cost / quality ratio.

Included in the Package are, the Asus Xtion Pro Live, it’s custom handle/tripod, Scan software bundled with our Process software for optimal comfort and excellent results !

Highly capable 3D scanner

While the Gotcha might look like a cute toy, it is still a highly capable 3D scanner. Feel free to download some sample data files for review !

Technical Specifications

Main geometry cameraAsus Xtion Pro or Primesense Carmine 1.09
Camera InterfaceUSB 2.0
Standard lensFixed Lens
Focus Length3-6 mm
Focusing range0.5m – 3.0m
Frame rate30 Fps
Projector typeInfra red built-in
Working range near (m)0.5
Working range far (m)3
Acquisition time (sec)0.033 sec (min. dep GPU)
Point to point distance (mm)0.5 – 5.0 mm
Point to point accuracy (mm)1.0 mm (average)
Texture CameraFuture Release
Object ScanningYes
Human scanningYes
Turntable modeFuture release


Please click the links below to download more information.

PDF Icon  Click here to see the Mephisto Gotcha brochure.

Gotcha 3D Angel sculpture
Rusty Metal Sculpture, 1 m tall, scanned with Gotcha. Available in .PLY

Gotcha data sample
Bronze sculpture, 30 cm tall, scanned with Gotcha. Available in .PLY