“The Pico-PRO is a white light 3D scanner which uses an LED projector coupled with a USB camera for super fast data capture and is both flexible and powerful. The Pico-PRO is a powerful, fast and affordable 3D scanner which delivers great scanning results of both animate and inanimate subjects. Using the Mephisto scan engine to capture brilliant scans in 0.24 seconds makes it perfect for scanning faces, hands and feet.”

The Pico-PRO is an affordable 3D scanning system which comes system comes with all the hardware and software you need to start scanning, and produce great scan results. All you need is a PC to get you started.

Manufacturer’s Description

Pico-PRO is a compact, easy to use, practical, affordable ‘gadget like’ 3D scanner that produces high quality 3D data, with its capture time of 0,24 seconds it is capable of scanning Faces, hands or feet at reasonable resolution enough for printing or overall measurement.

This 3D scanner uses a USB 2 camera combined with a LED projector mounted on a small tripod, it is controlled by the Mephisto 3D scan engine. A very simple setup and a few clicks is all what it takes to produce outstanding 3D scans.

Highly capable 3D scanner

While the Pico-PRO might look like a cute toy, it is still a highly capable 3D scanner, based on a very powerful 3D scanning engine. There is no compromise here in speed or accuracy. The Pico-PRO can handle fast scanning of face and body parts incl (facial) hair and textures. Even in unskilled hands the Pico-PRO could rival any competition.

More than the sum of its parts

And even when not used as a 3D scanner, it is still useful. The projector- it can be used for presentations; to show your work in progress or even to watch your favorite movie on your hotel room ceiling.

Technical Specifications

Main geometry cameraMachine Vision Camera
Lens mountCS
Standard lensComputar 5-50 mm
Texture camerasColour through USB camera
Projector typeLED
Projector resolution800 x 600
Working range near (m)0.5
Working range far (m)2.5
Acquisition time (sec)0.24 – 5
Deep scanNo
Turntable modeYes
Steady scanNo
Canon scanningNo
ComputerMicrosoft Windows Vista or Windows 7 32bit or 64 bit OS Intel core duo 2.4 GHz