What is the best PLA filament supplier for my 3D printing needs?

March 23, 2015

There are so many new PLA suppliers appearing every month that it is hard to keep track of the market offering. Here at 3D Matter we wanted to help users understand which are – in our opinion – the best PLA suppliers based on performance, quality and process. We teamed up with DOOD, a company developing 3D printers, to develop a testing process on their machines. Here are the high-level results from our study:

Regular PLA filaments show a wide range of price points, but it didn’t seem justified considering the slim differences between them. Not considering price, Makerbot tested best on the aggregate assessment. With price in mind, Dutch Filaments offers a great filament at a low cost.

Modified filaments are quite different from regular ones and therefore may qualify for a higher price point. While the performance is not on par, the quality of the prints is significantly improved and unique. They offer very promising prospects for filament 3D printing.

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