Geomagic Design (CAD)

Geomagic Design delivers comprehensive and robust mechanical CAD design solutions, allowing ideas to go from concept through to manufacturing and production for professional engineers, makers, students, consumers and hobbyists.

Turning ideas into the best products they can be is why you’re in business. Whether that means it’s lighter, faster, stronger, less costly, more beautiful, less wasteful, or all of the above. Geomagic Design’s creation environment provides you the tools to design, analyze, and refine your product until it’s perfect.

Manufacturer’s Description

3D Model Creation

Get the idea to working prototype fast. Geomagic Design offers a rich set of 3D modeling tools for the fast creation of complex geometry. Bottom-up and top-down design allows you to work efficiently. Everything you make is instantly editable, allowing for fast iterations.

Surfacing Tools

Geomagic Design comes with Moment of Inspiration (MoI) tools. Incredibly powerful and easy to use, MoI offers surfacing and rapid concept development capabilities so you can create more ergonomic, consumer friendly products.

Sheet Metal Modeling

If your design calls for sheet metal Geomagic Design offers advanced modeling tools that make it easy. Flanges, closed corners, complex lofts, dimples, and many other tools combined with instant flat patterns get accurate and fast results.

Advanced sheet metal tools include: Conversion of normal or imported parts into unfoldable sheet metal parts, lofted flange creation, and contour flange creation. These tools fundamentally change sheet metal workflows, providing superior speed to the design process.

2D Documentation Creation

Turn any 3D model into a 2D drawing instantly. Comprehensive detailing tools make efficient work of fully conveying your intent. When you update your 3D model, all associated drawings update, including annontations, views, section views, etc.

Design Configurations

If you work with parts that have variations on the same basic design then you need design configurations. Create variations of parts or assemblies and keep them in a single file. Simply choose which configuration you want to use at any point.